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Trip Locations in the Greater Yellowstone area Include:
Absaroka Mountains
Northern Wind River Mountains

We practice catch and release fishing to minimize mortality and offer the following guidlines:

  • Using strong tackle, to minimize fighting times
  • Using needle-nosed pliers to aid unhooking
  • Using barbless hooks or pinch off the barbs, for quick, easy hook removal and reduced handling times
  • Leaving fish in the water during the unhooking and release process, to avoid any handling

If fish are removed from the water for unhooking and/or a photo, key aspects of handling include:

  • Avoiding the use of landing nets; if landing nets must be used, specially designed catch-and-release landing nets are used
  • Avoiding touching the fish with dry hands or dry surfaces
  • Only touching the fish with wet hands and wet surfaces
  • Avoiding hanging fish from their jaw/mouth/gills
  • Holding fish horizontally, and supporting large fish with a second hand under the belly
  • Minimizing time out of the water (e.g. 10 seconds)


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