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Trip Locations in the Greater Yellowstone area Include:
Absaroka Mountains
Northern Wind River Mountains

We begin our summer pack-trips the second week of June and operate through the last week of September. Trips vary in length from 6-14 days and are ideal for people with any level of experience.

We operate entirely in Federally designated Wilderness areas. We offer two types of trips, progressive and base camp. Progressive trips generally stay at on campsite two or three nights, riding or hiking during the off days in different directions for fishing and sightseeing before breaking camp and moving to a new location. Base camp trips entail a pack trip into a single camp with day trips originating from that camp. Press has always been at the forefront of minimal impact camping and horse travel techniques and we continue to embrace that philosophy.

Remember that weather is chilly all summer long in the mornings and evenings in the mountains of Wyoming. Temperatures range from 90 degrees during the day, down to freezing and below at night. Check the required equipment list for recomendations on clothing.


Breathtaking Scenery
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See the last of the unspoiled Wilderness in the Lower 48. Wilderness Features: Two National Forests, One National Park, Countless Wildlife Species (Some endangered), Breathtaking Vistas, Countless Rivers & Streams


Let's Ride!
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You ride your own horse as we lead the pack strings up the trails. Expect to to spend 3-7 hours saddle time riding between camps


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Our camps include a waterproof kitchen fly, temporary latrines, roomy and comfortable canvas tents with floors and mosquito netting, and a safe fire pit.


Chow Time
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Enjoy rustic gourmet meals
around the campfire


Hiking and Fishing
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Fish in untouched lakes and streams. Walk and hike in areas that have never been previously visited by humans.


Packing the Horses (Moving Day)
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We pack all our gear, plus your duffles, on gentle, mountain-wise horses


Horses Day Off
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Press gave every horse on day off per trip, a tradition we continue with to this day.